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 Important IMO

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WyldKatt {4425}
WyldKatt {4425}

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PostSubject: Important IMO   Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:23 pm

As someone who's served in the military during a war time situation, I would hope that during this Holiday season you will all send some prayers to whomever you honor as Deity or just send up some positive energy/thoughts to those that choose to have no Deity. It doesn't matter what country your from either. Every single one of us has military people protecting our country.

If your in the Military of any kind and see this, wrap your arms around your waist and squeeze. That's a Katt huggle since I can't give you one in purrson. Thankies for serving your country Smile

Everyone can give themselves a Katt huggle if they want, huggles is free, comfy and everyone's worth it, I just felt like honoring Military folks lol